Anova Feed sẻ chia cùng cộng đồng

As a part of the company's annual social plan, on April 18, 1818, Anova Feed visited and gave gifts to patients at the HCMC Oncology Hospital, Children's Hospital 1, children of special circumstances of Kim Chi Shelter - Long Thanh pagoda, Long An province.

During the trip, we had the chance to listen to the soul, feeling as well as many concerns of patients to sympathy and share with those difficulties. Hopefully with our contributions, Anova Feed will help some disadvantaged people with more energy to overcome the hardship of disease.


Pictures taken at HCMC Oncology Hospital, Children's Hospital 1

Leaving Ho Chi Minh City, we visited and gave gifts to children in special circumstances who are living and studying at the Kim Chi Shelter of Long Thanh Pagoda (Long An). At this place, currently carrying 150 miserable life from 1 month old to 17 years old.

They have been received by Mr. Ut (the abbot) to feed and take care of everything from food to clothes to books, notebooks, pens, ink to other unnamed expenses. 150 children are not as crowded as other centers, shelters, but it is still the worry of the people in charge.

In addition to caring for the children, the Kim Chi Shelter also allows them to study by opening a primary school, secondary school and high school, so they can have a brighter future.


                     Our members gave the "gift of love" and exchange at the shelter

Ending the trip, each member is in the hope of overcoming the illness of the patients as well as the eyes filled with love life from the disadvantaged children of Kim Chi Shelter .

Wish all of people from Oncology Hospital, Children's Hospital 1 and special circumstances children of Kim Chi Shelter have a good health and happiness.


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